Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe [DNAA] 12.02.2013
5N-SRI "Dana"
Dana Air

McDonnell Douglas MD83   |   msn: 53020 / 1789   |   mfy: 1990

1990 Alaska Airlines N947AS
2008 Dana Air 5N-SRI

Dana Air resumed commercial operations in early January with flights
between Lagos and Abuja.
The Nigerian Government suspended the airline's operating licence
after one of its MD83s crashed into a suburb of Lagos in June, 2012,
killing all 153 passengers and crew as well as ten people on the ground.
Initially, Dana Air will only operate on the single route, but a spokesman
said that in "a couple of weeks" it will look to increase frequency and
introduce more destinations

[Authoritative source: Airliners World March 2013]